We have your concessions covered!

Our Frozen Drink Machines, Snow Cone Machines, Chocolate Fountains, Cotton Candy Machines, Popcorn Machines, LED Lighted Bars, Beverage Dispensers, Coffee Urns, Mobile Lighted Bars, and Champagne & Beverage Fountains.

Frozen Drink Machines

Our Double-sided machines can serve 2 flavors at once. Therefore, you have different drinks to please more guests.

(Serves 50 per side.)

Try any combo of these delicious flavors, Margarita, Blue Raspberry, Hurricane, Ice Cream, Lemonade, Mango, Orange, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit, Banana, Peach, Rum Runner, Sour Mix, Strawberry Daiquiri

Please order as far as advanced as possible to make sure we have popular flavors ready.

Snow Cone Machines

Our full-size Vintage Collection Snow Cone Cart or our Commercial machine will be the hit of every party! In other words, simply put ice cubes in the shaving cage, turn the unit on, and watch as cubes are transformed into a deliciously crunchy snow drink!

There are many delicious flavors to choose from.

Cups and Straws also included.


Chocolate Fountain

We have three professional models to choose from. Our Small Two-Tier fountain can serve up to 50 servings. Our Medium Three-Tier Chocolate Fountain can serve up to 150 servings and our Large Three-Tier Chocolate Fountain can serve up to 300 servings

Choose between our Gourmet Belgian Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate & Milk Chocolate to make your event extra delicious!

In addition, wooden skewers are included.


Cotton Candy Cart

Our Cotton Candy Machines will turn every party into a Celebration!

Our easy-to-setup and use Cotton Candy Machines come with everything you need to make big smiles happen.

Choose from one of many flavors or mix it up with our small variety pack.

Champagne & Beverage Fountain

Make a splash at your next upscale event with our beverage fountain

Boasting a 3-gallon beverage capacity, this two-tiered fountain will keep the fun flowing at your banquet hall, buffet line, and other catered event! For smooth operation, this fountain features 4 spigots to continuously circulate beverages.

The fountain is decorated with silver accent trim, and Red and white lights are included and discreetly fit under the fountain's motor cover to illuminate your display.

Beverage Dispensers

Our 3 Gallon beverage dispensers will keep guests happy with ice-cold drinks all day.

Our Beverage Dispensers have built-in Ice Cones, just load it with ice and as a result, they will have frosty cold beverages for your guests all-day

16oz Popcorn Machine & Cart

Our Palace Popper Popcorn Machines features commercial quality.

The all-metal whisper quiet motor ensures even stirring of the large 16oz stainless steel kettle and the enhanced heating deck will help keep your popcorn fresh! 

Coffee Urn

Coffee Urn

The 110 Cup Brewstation Coffee Urn from Hamilton Beach Commercial features a removable tank, brews a cup every 45 seconds, and maintains the proper serving temperature for fresh-tasting coffee.

Convenient one-hand dispensing fills cups fast, speeding up coffee service lines, additionally, the water/coffee window shows you at a glance when the coffee level is low.

Lighted Bars

These upscale fully-contained portable LED color-changing lighted bars are available with two different-shaped tops, Rectangular or rounded.

​Ice bins, speedwells, cutting boards, and shelf.

Additionally, they can be branded with your personal message or logo for an additional fee.​

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