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We have Tallahassee's largest inventory of Tents. From our Elegant Sailcloth tents, Stylish High-Peak tents, and our Massive Span tents

to our portable Pop-ups tents.

Sail Cloth Tents

Look no further than our Elegant Tidewater Sail Cloth Tent. As a result of the translucence of the sailcloth fabric, daytime events are richly enhanced with natural, warm light, and a dramatic glow when lit for evening gatherings.

First, with its elegant lines, magical glow, and poetic look, our sailcloth tents provide the perfect setting for your special day. Most importantly, the sculpted peaks and eaves, with a hint of nautical flair, combine to create an open-air event space like nothing you’ve ever seen before. ​

 Moreover, it is simplicity and elegance tied into one.​​​

Span Tents

Beautiful, modern, and grand, our Span tents create an event space with clean lines and uncluttered to host the greatest events.  In other words, our expansive span tents are a semi-rigid structure, with no center poles & up to 20-foot high ceilings yet is built to take the stress of today’s large events.

The Hip roof of the span tents enhances events with its expansive four-sided high ceilings. For instance, the 40 ft wide frame can be up to 140 ft long. It is simplicity and elegance tied into one.​​​

Similarly, the Gable roof creates a natural cathedral feel with its continuous long peak.

Marquee White Tents

Our beautiful White Marquee Tents are the most distinctive unique tents with their amazing high peaks topping out at over 18 feet high and capped with a swirling pinnacle flag. In other words, these high peak tents have flair.

Common Marquee configurations: ​

  • 10' x 10', and up to 10' x 100'
  • 20' x 20', 20' x 40' and 20' x 60'
  • 40' x 40', and up to 40' x 160'​

Hexagon Tents

Like our Marquee tents, Our six-sided Hex tents have no center pole and their peaks top out at over 26 feet high! These tents provide cover over 1,000 square feet.

Additionally, our Hex tents can be connected to our 20'x20' Marquee tents to create a dramatic effect and provide even ​more space.

Our Hex & Marquee Tents Dimensions

Please use these dimensions for planning your event...

10'x10' Marquee

20'x20' Marquee

20'x40' Marquee

40' Hex Marquee

Pop Up Tents

Create shelter wherever you go with our commercial canopy from EZ-Up. These high peak commercial grade tents are 10' x 10' portable pop-up tents.

​Each tent comes in a wheeled carry case.

​They are easily transportable and set up in a snap.

Pole Drapes

These drapes are designed to give your canopy an elegant, refined appearance; the perfect addition for formal occasions.

Designed from a soft, sheer fabric, with a velcro tie at the midpoint

Tent Walls

Tent walls are available for privacy and comfort from the elements.

From Solid walls that block caterers' tents and other things, you may want to hide to Panoramic clear and window walls that are available for additional ambient lighting and added character. 

Our Work Speaks for Itself